Golf Coaching

Having learned from some of the best instructors in the game, I have refined my coaching to three main principles:

  • Understand what constitutes success for the golfer
  • Set clear, realistic goals and work towards them at all times
  • The success of the instruction MUST be based on tangible results

Here at Haddington, players have 3 options when deciding how best to spend our time working together on their game:

The Studio

In the comfort of our state-of-the-art studio, players can use Skytrak to accurately track all of the statistics on their golf swing. We can then make the necessary adjustments to the technique and see the benefits of these alterations reflected in the numbers on screen. We then conclude the session by emailing all of the details to the golfer for their records.

The Practice Range

There really is no substitute for striking golf balls from the turf. Our 250+yd practice range allows us to work specifically on striking the golf ball properly and gives the player the true feeling of a well-struck golf shot with every club in the bag.

The Golf Course

"Golfers spend most of their time at the golf club playing the course therefore shouldn't their coaching take place there too?"

The fastest way to make an improvement to a golfers' game is to spend time with them on the golf course itself.  Without making changes to grip or swing, there are numerous ways in which I can show a golfer how to reduce their score, simply by examining how they currently work their way around the course and improving those methods.

In all my years of coaching, this has proven to be the most effective and enjoyable place for a club golfer to improve their game.